Sunday, 29 July 2012

1. To become a world class Institute of Technology Unitec must what?
Demonstrate and champion the very best health and safety practice.

2. Unitec Institute of Technology and its students have statutory obligations under what Act?
The Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 (and all its ammendments).

3. What do we need to do to take all practical steps and ensure that what?
Take all practical steps to:
- Provide a safe working enviroment.
- Provide procedures for dealing with emergency.
- Provide facilities for staff that includes toilets and rest rooms, also First Aid facilities.
To ensure that:
- Employees are not exposed to unnecessary hazards.
- Plant is safe and staff trained to use it.
- Employees receive appropriate training in all matters.
- Systematic process to reduce the likelihood of harm occuring.

4. What are the students duties?
- Taking responsibility for your own safety and health at work.
- Ensuring that your action or inaction does not harm others.
- Wearing all PPE that is provided when required for specific tasks.
- Reporting all injuries or near hits to your supervisor as soon as possible after the event (Use the incident form provided).

5. Name four student safety responsibilities?
- All students are responsible to wear PPE that is provided for any hazardous work.
- All students are to report any imminent dangers to their manager.
- All students are responsible to undertake appropriate training in the use of safety gear, plant, equipment     and hazardous substances.
- All students are responsible for helping in emergency.

6. What number would you use from a Unitec phone to contact emergency services?

7. What behavior may result in disciplinary action?
Clowning around, Horseplay, Skylarking etc.

8. What can you do to know the dangers and how to avoid them?
Get the hazards explained to you and the correct procedures to avoid dangers.

9. What actions would you take when manual handling? 
- Plan the lift and the route to be taken.
- Test the size and weight of the load.
- Get someone to help you if it is too heavy or too large.
- Stand close to the item/object or load with feet apart.
- Bend your knees.
- Lean forward.
- Get a good firm grip on the item/object or load.
- Use your leg muscles to lift, not your back.
- Never twist at the waist while lifting or carrying heavy loads.

10. What steps can be taken to prevent Occupational Overuse Syndrome?
- A variety of tasks (Using the same muscles but in range of movement).
- Job rotation (not just repeating the same task for the full work day.
- Micro pauses (a quick stretch of the limbs and back every few minutes.
- If pain persists, report to your supervisor and leave them a completed 'Discomfort and Pain Self Report form'.

11. Why is Good Housekeeping a vital factor in preventing injuries?
Because a clean, well ordered, attractive work enviroment encourages tidy work habits.

12. What is strictly forbidden on the premises.
Drugs and Alcohol.

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